Alcides Ferreira

Financial Communication, Relationship with Investor and Crisis Management

Alessandra Carvalho

Industrial, Financial and Corporate Communication

Angelita Gonçalves

Health, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Corporate Communication

Bruno Blecher

Agribusiness and Environment

Cristina Maiello

Training, Crisis Prevention, Health, Industrial and Corporate Communication in general

Danilo Vivan

Corporate Communication, Financial Market, Business and Real Estate

Edson Gushiken

Industrial, Financial and Corporate Communication

Ilana Szyller

Financial and Business Market

Ivelise Cardoso

Financial and Business Market

Kátia Hochman

Finance and Business

Lorena Castro

Digital Strategy

Lia Carneiro

Corporate Communication, Finance, Crisis Management, Industry, Mining, Business and HR

Marcelo Mendonça

Crisis Management and Prevention, Travel and Tourism, Aviation Industry and Usability

Marcelo Nadalon

Specialized in agribusiness

Rafaela Barrozo

Strategic Planning

Ruy Barata

Energy, Mining and Infrastructure

Silvio Bressan

Government Relations - Responsible for Public Accounts

Terciane Alves

Executive Education, Job Market, Public Politics and Cultural Management

Vanessa Silva

Travel and Tourism