Organizational culture is the backbone of an organization’s intangible assets. It drives its members’ efforts and intelligence towards a clear goal, so that employees don’t need to discuss what can and should be done in endless meetings. .

We, at Fato Relevante, experience value-based leadership with people who share life missions. Our culture provides the foundation for building the desire and the meaning to participate beyond the obligation, beyond the formal employment contract and beyond set roles and functions. Our culture forms the core of our organizational skills to grow sustainably in complex contexts.

Fato Relevante is unique in that we:

Constantly strive for customer service excellence.

Value highly efficient professionals.

Are honest and respectful towards each other.

Encourage independence in our employees’ decision-making.

Our focus is on people. More specifically, we value the importance of professionals working as a team. We are a flexible, exciting, creative, collaborative and successful organization.

What our values are

Fato Relevante has specific values, behaviors and skills that govern its work philosophy. The following values are meaningful to us and guide us in everything we do:

  • We inspire others through our drive for excellence.
  • We care about our co-workers and the company’s success.
  • We are tenacious and optimistic.
  • We are confident and humble.
  • We have a strong and consistent performance.
  • We inspire our colleagues to be better.
  • We focus on the results, not on the process.
  • We find the root cause and go beyond the treatment of symptoms.
  • We think strategically.
  • We are good at using data without neglecting intuition.
  • We take immediate decisions, but with a focus on long-term outcomes.
  • We challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches.
  • We ensure we are nimble to minimize complexity and find time to simplify.
  • We thrive on change.
  • We are concise and articulate in speech and writing.
  • We listen to people and try to understand their reasoning before reacting.
  • We keep a calm attitude in stressful situations to allow clearer thinking.
  • We provide honest, useful and timely feedback to our colleagues.
  • We are recognized for our sincerity, authenticity and transparency.
  • We only say things about our co-workers that you say to their face.
  • We admit to our mistakes freely and openly.
  • We treat people with respect, regardless of their status in the company or whether we disagree with them.
  • We learn quickly and eagerly.
  • We contribute effectively outside our specialty.
  • We make connections that others don’t.
  • We seek further perspectives.
  • We defend the company’s interests even if it feels uncomfortable to do so.
  • We make difficult decisions without blinking.
  • We take smart risks and are open to possible failures.
  • We question actions that are inconsistent with our values.
  • We can be vulnerable when seeking the truth.
  • We seek what is best for the company and not what is best for ourselves or our group.
  • We keep an open mind in search of great ideas.
  • We take time to help our co-workers.
  • We share information openly and proactively.
  • We collaborate effectively and respect people with different beliefs and backgrounds.
  • We nurture and adopt different perspectives to make the best decisions.
  • We work to combat prejudice.
  • We intervene if someone else is being marginalized.

It is easy to write admirable values, but putting them into practice and living by them on a daily basis is quite challenging. Let´s take a specific example related to integrity. We believe we will learn faster and be better if we can make giving and receiving feedback less stressful and a more normal part of work life. Feedback is an ongoing part of how we communicate and work with each other. Feedback helps us avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and prevents us from having strict rules.

Our version of excellence in the workplace is a team in pursuit of ambitious common goals. It is on such a team that you learn the most, perform your best work, improve the fastest, and have the most fun.

To have an entire company forming a united team is a big challenge. Undoubtedly, we have to hire well. We also have to foster collaboration, embrace the diversity of viewpoints, support knowledge sharing, and encourage transparency in the workplace.  

Within an integrated team, collaboration and trust work well because your colleagues are both exceptionally skilled at what they do, and at working well with others.  When highly capable people work together in a collaborative context, they inspire each other to be more creative, more productive and ultimately more successful as a team.  

Our goal is to inspire people more than manage them. We trust our teams to do what they think is best for Fato Relevante, giving them lots of freedom, power, and information in support of their decisions. In turn, this generates a sense of responsibility and self-discipline that drives us to do great work that benefits the company.

We believe that people thrive on being trusted, on freedom, and on being able to make a difference. So we foster freedom and empowerment wherever we can.

We want employees to be independent decision makers, and to only consult their manager when they are unsure of the right decision. The leader’s job at every level is to set clear context so that others have the right information to make generally great decisions.

There are some exceptions to “context not control,” such as an urgent situation in which there is no time to think about proper context and principles, or when a new team member hasn’t yet absorbed enough context to be confident, or when it’s recognized that the wrong person is in a decision-making role.

We do not seek to preserve our culture – we seek to improve it. Every person who joins us helps to shape and evolve our culture further. We find new ways to accomplish more together. We are learning faster than ever because we have more dedicated people with diverse perspectives trying to find better ways for our talented team to work together more cohesively, nimbly and effectively.